Sunday, February 24, 2008

This year's memorable Oscar moment goes to ... Gary Busey?

This year's Oscars finally got one of those notorious moments that only comes around every couple of years, like the streaker running behind David Niven, Rob Lowe getting hit on by Snow White, and Jack Palance dropping to the stage to do 20 one-hand push-ups.

Unfortunately for Gil Cates, it happened on E! during the red-carpet festivities and not the ceremony itself. I'm referring, of course, to D-list actor Gary Busey violating the unspoken rules of the Hollywood caste system by daring to mix with A-listers Jennifer Garner and Laura Linney during their chat with Ryan Seacrest. With nary an invite, Busey proceeded to insert himself into the proceedings and kiss both actresses. (See it, here.) If Ben Affleck hadn't been too busy f-cking Jimmy Kimmel, he might have been on Jen's arm to ward off Busey!

I didn't fill out a balloting card for this year's Oscars, opting instead to call out my guess for who would win each category just before the envelope opening. I called it for both Tilda Swinton and Marion Cotillard. At that point, I was feeling so confident that Anton Chigurh could have flipped a coin for my life and I'd have called it correctly.

So, while I'm at it, let me get all Nina Garcia and call it for Best Dressed: Cotillard for modeling that lovely John Paul Gaultier creation, which looked like a mermaid's tail, but with white-rose blossoms instead of scales. Runner up: Anne Hathaway.

Worst dressed: Daniel Day Lewis's longtime partner, Rebecca Miller, takes the dubious honor for that massive hexagonal broach that looked it belonged to the wardrobe department for the Sci-Fi Channel production of "Dune."

In all, not a bad awards ceremony. Jon Stewart's emcee'ing wasn't one for the ages, but he didn't come off as too smarmy or obnoxious. His one moment of class: Inviting Marketa Irglova -- deserving winner of Best Original Song with partner Glen Hansard -- back on to the stage after the overzealous baton-waver started up the orchestra prematurely.

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