Friday, March 28, 2008

Making a sizable Dent

Move aside, Ron Paul supporters. A new political candidate has appropriated your campaign tactics of loud street rallies, signs and posters in usual places, and Internet viral marketing. I'm talking, of course, about Harvey Dent.

Over the past few weeks, his grass-roots supporters across the nation have mobilized in the streets in rolling rallies, bringing Dent's message to confused bystanders. In Chicago, a gathering of Dent's campaigners resulted in the police being called out in scenes reminiscent of the Democratic convention riots of '68. (Ok, maybe that's a teensy bit exaggerated.) Maximizing the impact of the Dent surge: a number of billboards have sprung up like Spring daffodils this past week.

But those very Dent billboards were subject to -- literally -- a smear campaign just two days later by some Joker. Detractors, meanwhile, accuse the politician of being a two-face.

Holy smokes, Batman, what is going on here? Only the most exciting viral campaign in recent Hollywood history.

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