Friday, November 28, 2008

From Heroes to Zeros

A curious property of the DVR: It reveals what your true TV priorities are. I recently sat down to watch an episode of "Heroes," a show I've watched since it first aired, and I found that I couldn't bring myself to press the "play" button. I had the epiphany that I no longer cared about the show or its characters.

Season 3 has recycled the plots and subplots of earlier episodes. The future is yet again threatened by apocalypse. Hiro, who should be a kick-ass sumurai warrior by now, is still about as threatening as a panda. And Claire again has daddy issues ... again. (Someone save this cheerleader, please!) Entertainment Weekly seems to have noticed that the show is in a rut, too. (Wait, didn't creator Tim Kring already promise that he'd fix the show earlier this year?) "Heroes" may pull itself out of a nosedive just a "Lost" did last season. But until that happens, if it happens, the episodes are going to pile up like so many Tetris blocks on my DVR.

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