Monday, February 16, 2009

Coldplay's plot to rule the planet

It's not uncommon for bands to have self-imposed rules. Mostly, though, band protocols revolve around groupies sharing bunk beds on the tour bus, and that sort of thing.

Coldplay, on the other hand, has a veritable Constitution according to a recent episode of "60 Minutes." During a feature on the band, the camera panned to a list of rules on their studio wall. I've transcribed it below. I'll refrain from commentary other than to note that rule number 6 explains why I could never get any followup interviews with the band after my first one.

1. Albums be no longer than 42 minutes, 9 tracks.
2. Production must be amazing, but with space, not overlayered, less tracks, more quality, groove and swing. Drums/rhythm are the most crucial thing to concentrate on; diff. between bittersweet and science of silence.
3. Computers are instruments, not recording aids.
4. Imagery must be classic, colourful and different. Come back in glorious technicolor.
5. Make sure videos and pictures are great before setting release date. And highly original.
6. Always keep mystery. Not many interviews.
7. Groove and swing. Rhythms and sounds must always be as original as possible. Once jon has melody twist it and weird it sonical.
8. Promo/review copies to be on VINYL. Stops copying problem, sounds and looks better.
9. Jacqueline sabriado, ns p c c, face forward.
10. Think about what you do with charity account. Set up something small but really enabling and constructive. Ref j oliver fifteen

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