Monday, February 23, 2009

Depeche Mode can do no "Wrong"

Depeche Mode unveiled their new single, "Wrong," at Germany's Echo Awards. (Other performers included U2, who you can view here, and Amy MacDonald, who you can watch here.) I've watched this performance several times (plug headphones into your computer to hear it at its best) and this is easily DM's best single since "It's No Good." Great attitude, great dynamics, great hook.

Depeche Mode hasn't fared well the past decade. "Playing the Angel" led off with a great single in "Precious," but its muscular sound was bereft of Martin Gore's usual melodic touch. The previous album, "Exciter," failed to live up to its title. Only "Dream On," "Shine," and "Freelove" are keepers. But keyboardist Andrew Fletcher tells Billboard that, "We think this album has got quality." If "Wrong" is anything to go by, "Sounds of the Universe" will be DM's best record since 1997's "Ultra."

The band's US tour dates have just been posted and Dave Gahan promises a heady stage show courtesy of the band's longtime photographer Anton Corbijn. Let's just hope that doesn't mean everything will be in black and white.

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