Thursday, October 18, 2007

Deflating those Led Zeppelin rumors

Here's a fascinating interview with Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones on how the Zep reunion came to fruition – and a few coy bombshell hints about the trio's future beyond the show. But I wonder whether this is all wishful thinking on Page's part.

When I interviewed Robert Plant a few years ago, he reiterated the philosophy that has guided most of his career: Keep Looking Forward. As Plant told BBC radio recently, the Zep gig is a one-off. It's a chance to pay tribute to mentor Ahmet Ertegun. And an opportunity to banish memories of the remaining trio's disastrous reunions at 1985's Live Aid and the 1988 Atlantic Records 40th Anniversary bash. (Zep trivia: A further reunion took place in 1995 for Zeppelin's induction into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame -- that barely rehearsed performance, featuring guests Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, and Neil Young, was pretty good. The trio has also reformed for two other private shows: Carmen Plant's 21st birthday and Jason Bonham's wedding.)

Plant's dance card also seems to be full for the foreseeable future. The singer is due to tour with Alison Krauss in support of their superb "Raising Sand" album next year. Moreover, having toured with his band, Strange Sensation, in Europe this summer, Plant is already looking ahead to the followup to "Mighty Rearranger" (one of my favorite albums in recent years and Plant's second-best solo album after 1993's "Fate of Nations"). In December, goldie locks told Rolling Stone that he gave each member of Strange Sensation a list of song titles for the next album and told them to go write music for each one. (Plant has always been a little slow at coming up with lyrics.)

For those readers in the US, Robert Plant and Alison Krauss will be on The Today Show on Wednesday Oct. 24 and they are also scheduled for The Charlie Rose Show on PBS, too, though the run date of that interview hasn't been announced.

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